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Updated: Aug 18, 2021

Right brained extrovert

Frankie comes to us as an off the track thoroughbred who was in need of a job and a loving home. His trainer and owner hand picked us to adopt him and we hand picked him as a personality counter to the other personalities in the therapy herd.

All of the Equine Healing Collaborative’s Therapy Herd has a psychological profile provided by Parelli’s Horsenality assessment. This gives us indications regarding a horses personality and whether or not a particular therapeutic intervention would be appropriate for this particular horse or not. The Horsenality is made up of four core concepts; Innate Characteristics (what he was born with), Learned Behavior (the good and undesirable experiences in his past), Environment (the herd, training, demands, sights and sounds), and Spirit (the level of intensity in which he expresses himself: mild, moderate, and extreme).

Frankie is a right brained extrovert, he can be impulsive, have difficulty standing still, panic easily, brace against pressure, is sensitive and highly perceptive. When asked to do too much, Frank comes from a place of fear and his primary need is the need for safety and security.

Frankie was named after a dear friend and co-worker who passionately carried out the service of social work, Frank Maida. Frank has passed and left a void that few could ever fill. With his passing it seemed only fitting that Frank’s passion and work would be carried forward through the healing power of equines! Please join in honoring the memory of this amazing man.

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