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Rainbow Bridge

Here at the Equine Healing Collaborative we believe in the power of these amazing animals to heal others and themselves. Many of our equines are rescues, some are retired, and others have injuries that make their previous lives no longer feasible.

Whatever the circumstance, we want to take the time to always honor the memory of the equines who served our clients and the community.


Shrinky-Dink or as we affectionately called him, Shrink loved his job as therapy horse.

He joined us because of the generosity of his family who allowed us to use him so he could have a job. He lived with is current family for over 12 years and was an old guy at 26 years of age. When we were told we would be allowed to use Shrinky, we were thrilled! For many months, it was been apparent that he would be a great addition to our therapy herd. His demeanor and size made him perfect for people who may cautious around a standard horse.

Shrinky left us to go over the rainbow in 2016. We will forever miss him and we will never forget his spunky personality and the healing he provided many of our clients.


Panda came to The Equine Healing Collaborative well into her golden years. She had a great life competing as a show jumper for young riders. She was well loved by her family and they realized it would help her to have a job.

As soon as we started working with her, it was clear that Panda's strength was in her ability to help people through incredible trauma. Just her presence helped so many people process thoughts and feelings associated with traumatic events and helped them move past the intensity of the emotions associated with these events. We are forever grateful to Panda and the amazing work she did with us.

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