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Left brained introvert

Sarah lived at the barn for many years and didn't have much of a job until we came along. We started working with her to see if she might be a good addition to the therapy herd and she has more than fulfilled our hopes! It had been a long time since she had been groomed so she was a little hesitant when we started working with her, but now, she enjoys her new job so much. She works with adults and children and knows all the right places to be soft both physically and emotionally. She helps people by providing a tactile experience like no other in our herd and her tummy fur is soft as silk!

Sarah is a Left Brained Introvert and is defiant, unmotivated, calm, dependable, consistent, and food oriented. She needs to feel like she has a reason to engage with people, and grooming, love and attention are just what she loves the most!

All of the Equine Healing Collaborative’s Therapy Herd has a psychological profile provided by Parelli’s Horsenality assessment. This gives us indications regarding a horse's personality and whether or not a particular therapeutic intervention would be appropriate for this particular horse or not. The Horsenality is made up of four core concepts; Innate Characteristics (what he was born with), Learned Behavior (the good and undesirable experiences in his past), Environment (the herd, training, demands, sights and sounds), and Spirit (the level of intensity in which he expresses himself: mild, moderate, and extreme).

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