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About Us

The Equine Healing Collaborative was created to provide a path to recovery, self-discovery, personal growth, a re-connection with the natural world, and/or emotional insight and health. The Equine Healing Collaborative offers more than just traditional talk therapy and utilizes interventions such as equine assisted therapy, mindfulness, and mindful equine massage to promote health and quality of life for individuals seeking change.


The inception of The Equine Healing Collaborative came when Jennifer Fenton, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist became certified in Equine Massage Therapy. During the process of certification Jennifer began to notice the healing power of simply being in the presence of equines. She also noticed that as she massaged and released tension in her equine clients, she too released the tension of her day to day work and began to experience new energy and passion for her work and life. Jennifer then began the path of researching and learning as much as she could about equine assisted therapy and how she could combine the practice of mindfulness and massage into this already proven therapeutic technique.


Jennifer has a history of working with those who are least able to access or afford mental health services and has experience working with at-risk youth, individuals in crisis, and special needs children. She is certified and/or trained in several evidenced based practices such as Motivational Interviewing, Seeking Safety, Aggression Replacement Training, Client Centered Treatment Planning, Hostage Negotiations, Critical Incident Stress Management, and Mindfulness. Jennifer’s passion for helping those in need led her to the concept of forming a non-profit agency that will combine her passion for equines and her mental health experience. Her vision for this non-profit is to continue to treat those in need including; veterans, at-risk youth, special needs children, and many others seeking alternative treatments that promote mental and emotional health.

Call us today to let our horses and donkeys help you heal. 

We believe your mental health matters. 

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