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We Run On Your Support!

Each dollar counts, and we can't thank you enough for your ongoing support!

Monthly Expenses for the EHC:


  • Utilities: $1,500.00 a month

  • Cleaning Service: $500.00 a month

  • Office Supplies including electronic health record: $4,000.00 a month

  • Payroll: this includes paid salaries, payroll taxes, liability insurance and workers comp:$45,000.00 a month

  • Horse Feed: $8,000.00 a month

  • Horse Veterinary Care: $2,500.00 a month

  • Horse Medication: $1,500.00 a month

  • Horse Supplements: $2,000.00 a month

  • Board at our three other facilities: $6,000.00 a month

  • Current Lease at main location: $5,500 a month

Total expenses = $76,500 per month

You can also make a donation using

Zelle or Venmo!

Our recipient email address is:


You can mail a check payable to:

The Equine Healing Collaborative

PO Box 1087, Monterey, CA 93942

Interested in Sponsoring One of Our Horses or Donkeys?

Set up an automatic monthly donation today! 

  • $50 - feeds hay for 1 mini horse

  • $100 - feeds hay for 1 horse or donkey

  • $200 - feeds hay and supplements + medication

  • $500 and up - feeds hay and supplements + medicates, body work, and needed supplies.

Our 2023 Monterey County Gives! Campaign was a huge success! We raised $21,863 thanks to your generosity. Your support directly helps us provide much-needed mental health services to all, especially underserved communities in Monterey County. Your donation also helps us continue to provide quality care for our amazing therapy horses and donkeys who bring healing to our clients.


The EHC has an established Stewardship Fund with The Community Foundation of Monterey County.

Please click the button below for more information! 

With Gratitude

At The EHC, we have been blessed in many ways and we know this work could not continue without the support of individual donors and local businesses.  

If you support our work, please support the businesses that support us. 

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